I will always use Ken’s Computers as the service is excellent. Any problem I have with my computer, my questions are immediately answered. I have always received prompt service, always on time and very friendly. Thank you.
— Susan Harding
I mess with my computer until I get frustrated... then I call Ken so I can get on with something more productive. It’s hundreds of times the service you get from a Big Box store.
— Barry O'Neil (The Barry O Kids Show)
I have used Ken’s Computers more than once. I have teenage daughters. I believe computers are a wonderful tool of knowledge. I have seen my daughters produce wonderful school projects using it. But I would be kidding myself if I thought that is all they use it for. So when a computer goes down, I know where to take it. I was one of those believers that thought once the computer slows down and it had a virus it was done. Not so. Ken has been able to bring back to life a computer that I could not even get into, due to a virus. This computer is now over 9 years old and still going.

Thanks Ken for all your hard work.
— Sheila Nagle