What does offsite service mean?

Jobs handled in our shop


How long does service usually take? 

We begin on your problem right away, so long as there are no pending service calls scheduled. Many tasks take no longer than an hour. However, some issues become more complicated as they are unravelled


Do you charge for travel expenses?

Only if you are located outside of Brantford and Brant County










Where are you located?

In north-eastern Brantford 


Why do you work 11 to 11?

It works better for us and you. If you come across issues late in the evening when you accidentally delete files or lock yourself out of your PC, you'll know who you can call. 


Do you have a diagnostic fee?

$40 to identify the issue, which is waived if you choose to repair the issue through us



Does this FAQ include technical questions as well? 

No, but our Tips & Tools page does!