• You deliver your computer to our location.
  • We conduct a thorough examination of computer system and provide our recommendation on the scenario.

  • We also provide a cleaning of your crucial hardware.



  • Will come to your home in Brantford, Brant County or the surrounding area.
  • Diagnostic testing to identify issues.

  • Repair of an issue (most of problems are identified and solved in under an hour).

  • Need advice? We'll help in explaining the best practices that will keep you safe, secure and moving forward.



Custom-Built Computer System

  • Our custom computer systems perform better and carry longer standard warranties then pre-built.

  • Performance/Gaming PCs with top-line graphics, processing power, storage and cooling system.

  • Professional computers configured and installed with your go-to programs such as Outlook, Microsoft Office, Skype, your favourite browser and more.


  • Usually, hardware issues stem from one single part in your computer. We can help to identify that and usually provide you a suitable replacement part.


  • Onsite and offsite backup solutions, routers, battery backups with automatic voltage regulation.


  • Laser mice, mechanical keyboards, digital headsets, and replacement cooling fans.